December 9, 2010

**Congratulation Ainul Aishah

Ainul Aishah

He’s a dreamer
He told me he could fly
He’s a charmer
Don’t u ever ask me why

He climbs so high
I wish he could turn back
Turn around to see me smiling
He is hurting
I wish he would turn back
I wish he would I wish he would
I cant explain what’s happening to him
And I cant believe it’s happening to me
When he’s in front of me
He’s all that I need
Oh baby you know I cant help it
I miss the old him
Miss the old him
Maybe I know today’s a perfect day
That’s why I go out and watch him play
He looks at me
He turns his back at me
He holds her hands tightly
He stares at me
He wouldn’t smile at me
But I wish he would,wish he would
I wish he would
*Repeat Chorus
Ohh i know that one day he’d remember him
He’d remember this,forget where he is
And all the good times yeahhh
He’s still the same he misses me
He’s still wanting to be with me
It’s all good,it’s all good
Yeah yeahhh haaaa
*Repeat Chorus
We are dreamers
We thought that we could fly
We are lovers
Don’t you ever ask me why

**feq nak komen,lagu ni sweet sgt2,huhu and x sangke ainul aishah boleh nyanyi :) guess wht!! die kan selalu berlakon :)uhu.. ape2 pon.feq suke video ni :)ENJOY Uall

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